Bar Sinister

We accidentally went to Bar Sinister last night. It was packed. We got there around 11:30 and the line to get in stretched from Boardners to the corner of Hollywood blvd. I normally don’t really care for BS but I’ve had fun there before, and we knew a lot of people who were going, so we thought it might be ok. In retrospect we should have just gone into the front bar for a drink or stayed home.

As for the band… I had heard the name Razed in Black before but never heard their music so I had some hope that they’d be decent. Boy was I wrong. Worst metal band ever. Goth-metal has seriously got to be one of the worst new musical genres around. The band had all the rock star antics too, from the drummer standing up holding his drumsticks in the air to the cheesy MC screaming and throwing CDs out before they started. WTF? So annoying. We beat a hasty retreat inside right after they started playing. I should have been tipped off by all the long-haired guys with makeup and facial hair we saw in line.

When we were in line, the guy at the door tried to get the kid in front of us to pay $15 instead of the advertised $10 cover. I asked him why and it was apparently because he didn’t fit the “dress code”. The kid wisely decided that his money would be better spent elsewhere. Now I can understand goth club dress codes to keep out the tourist element, but this kid was obviously not a voyeur. He was in line by himself and was wearing spiky black hair, a black t-shirt with some kind of logo on it, and loose-fitting (but not super baggy) jeans. Funny, I was wearing a black t-shirt and loose-fitting BDUs and I didn’t have a problem getting in. I wonder how much the guy in the Nazi uniform had to pay?