Holiday festivities

So. Christmas. I'm didn't really get into the holiday spirit this year. Sarai and I talked about having a tiki-themed xmas party where we would decorate a palm tree instead of a fir and serve tropical drinks, but we didn't even end up getting a regular tree this time. Maybe we'll just go to the Lava Lounge for a drink tomorrow night instead.

I ordered someone's gift from Amazon a couple weeks ago. I've never had anything actually lost in the mail before, but of course it would have to happen a week before xmas. Airborne Express declared it officially lost on Friday. I reported it to Amazon on Saturday and asked them to send a replacement, which they did via UPS two-day air. I expected dealing with Amazon for a replacement to be a hassle but I was really impressed with out smoothly it went. It arrived today and for the first time ever the UPS guy wasn't a jerk and left it with a neighbor instead of making me drive 15 miles to the UPS shipping center to pick it up. If they can even find the package once I get there, which was not the case the last time I had to do this.

We celebrated Hanukkah with Sarai's family in on Friday and Saturday, and last night they came over here. Christmas day we're going to my mom's place in the morning and over to see Sarai's family again in the evening. This year has been the year of the gift card; I've already got them for Borders, Barnes and Noble, Virgin, and Best Buy, and it's not even xmas yet. Our holiday festivities are going to be wrapped up by Release the Bats on Friday and a party at Brokenhaus on New Year's Eve.

Sarai made a great pumpkin cheesecake yesterday which I'm having a piece of right now with a glass of bourbon.