New iPod

I got my iPod! It’s tiny (physical size, not storage capacity). I got the 20 GB model, so it’ll hold almost half of my MP3 collection. That’s fine; like most people, I listen to less than half my music with any regularity anyway. I figure it’ll easily hold 200+ complete albums with room to spare. When loading it up, I need to concentrate on music I’ll listen to at work and while driving, which is where it will be used the most.

In preparation, I’ve been trying to get the ID3 tags on all my MP3s in order. So many have incomplete or missing information. Mostly I need to pick the genres for everything, which is nearly impossible for a lot of my music. I’m having to generalize a lot.

Unfortunately, iTunes can, for some reason, be extremely slow when batch-editing ID3 tags sometimes, occasionally even crashing. So frustrating. I had this same problem when I was running OS X 10.2 and was hoping it would be fixed in 10.3. The problem is caused by editing certain files, most are ok, but others will always cause this problem, even after restarting iTunes (which I’ve had to do four times in the past hour).

Loading them onto the iPod is going to be slow going too. Even with the firewire connection, the music is stored on my Linux file server so the 100Mb network (or worse, the SMB protocol) is going to be a bottleneck, cutting the transfer speed down by 75%. I think I’ll start it before going to bed so I don’t have to wait for it. I see a need for gigabit ethernet in my future.