Christmas wrapup

Christmas went pretty well, but I’m kinda glad it’s finally over. With the Hanukkah festivities it seemed like we were celebrating the holiday for an entire week. Which we were, actually.

Gift highlights include an Italian language instructional book and audio CD set, a 1.75 litre bottle of Ketel One Citroen, a bunch of gift cards, and a pair of tickets to see Cirque du Soleil on January 25.

The Cirque tickets are the best. I’ve really been wanting to see their new show but not enough to pay for it; tickets for Varekai are over 50% more expensive than Dralion was a few years ago and they’re past the point where it’s worth the expense to me. Actually, seats comparable to what Diana and I had last time are almost 200% more expensive now; the front two sections are now the “VIP” area. Highway robbery.

Release the Bats tonight. And maybe pre-load, if we get out the door early enough.


kscaldef says:

Where is the Cirque next month? We’re going on Sunday to the last performance in Pomona, then I thought they left SoCal. I cringed at the ticket prices too, but everyone at work has been raving about the show.

kchrist says:

They’ll be in CA for a little while longer. They’re going to Costa Mesa until February 15 and then San Diego until April 4.

Varekai Touring schedule