Burbank courthouse experience

I just got back from the Burbank courthouse requesting traffic school for an illegal U-turn ticket I got a couple weeks ago. I think I’m going to follow Becci’s lead and make myself a strong drink before taking the on-line class.

One thing is certain, I’m never going to one of those so-called “comedy” traffic schools again. Before you sign up for one of these, think about the possible reasons a “comedian” might be teaching traffic school instead of doing stand-up somewhere and choose accordingly. I thought I read about a traffic school with strippers once but I couldn’t find it in the list they gave me.

They have a security checkpoint at the entrance to the courthouse where you have to go through a metal detector and run your bags through an x-ray machine. They made me take my digital camera, which was in my backpack, back to the car after pointing out a sign on the window stating that cameras aren’t allowed inside. Some sort of not-very-well-thought-out “security” precaution, I’m sure. So I had to walk around the block back to my car before they’d let me in. On the bright side, once I got in I was finished in under five minutes because there was no line at the traffic window. I was actually able to walk straight up to a window without waiting. Amazing. I want to get all my future tickets in Burbank.


angeldye says:

the metro courthaus downtown.. you just walk right in go up to the windows… no metal detector… thats not until you get deeper in the haus.

I refused to do a comedy one.. my Dad and sister and several others kept telling me.. yeah.. do that… FUCK NO!

Gregory says:

The Burbank Courthouse is probably one of the most user-friendly courts in the Los Angeles area. The staff is efficient and helpful, and the clerk’s office is effective in resolving problems.