Cisco SOHO router configuration

Cisco, manufacturer of the most commonly-used routers in the world, is apparently unable to write a web-based router configuration utility that works with anything other than Windows. Is uses Java craplets that also won’t run in anything newer than Netscape 4 which is what, six years old? Does anyone still even have this thing installed? Even my piece of crap $50 Linksys router doesn’t have this type of OS/browser dependency.

Of coruse I do realize that real routers should be configured from the command line, the way god intended, but these things don’t have a default login/password until you set one using the web config. I’m also not very familiar with IOS yet, so I’d prefer to start with something easier just to get it up and running.

Cisco routers do come with a serial->RJ-45 cable for console access, which would be fine if my Mac had a serial port. Even x86 PCs are starting to ship without legacy serial and parallel ports these days. Is there any technical reason they can’t start using USB for consoles instead? I’m sure I could go out and buy a USB->serial adapter, but that isn’t the point. It supports SSH, but it isn’t enabled by default. Telnet is on, but without a default login you can’t use it until you’ve logged in via the web interface or console for the first time.

These are my first impressions of my new SOHO 91 router, which looks great otherwise. Come on Cisco, get with it.