Dada poetry in spam

Awesome, I’m getting dada poetry in my spam now:

From: Locke Ted <jrjrgswfp>
Subject: Re: XQGQPNPA, but you should
stroboscopic ampere getty chili protozoa scrapbook badge collard 
moran proliferate mcfadden riverfront contumacy calamus dam barley 
lindstrom antisemitic fedders foley bath betty prevail chapel 
douse gus dale transferor countdown 
lookout radioastronomy fag godfather fork corpse reconcile 
regrettable biddy central abbey dearie memorable jukes pedestal 
custodian acquiescent</jrjrgswfp>

Unfortunately, this is actually only an attempt to get around spam filters by including random text. Others have suggested that this type of thing is an attempt to pollute bayesian filters but I think that’s unlikely to work, as I rarely get legitimate e-mail about chili protozoa scrapbooks.


angeldye says:

lookout radioastronomy fag godfather fork corpse

thats my favorite line…