Major Earthlink layoffs

It’s that time of year again, time for big layoffs at work. Today they announced the layoff of 1,300 people across the country, which includes completely closing two offices and dropping call center operations in our remaining locations, as well as closing the Pasadena NOC. Phone support is being outsourced and our NOC is being consolidated with the other one in Atlanta.

My department has been spared again. Our VP stopped by earlier to reassure us that we’re unaffected by this. For now.

What’s that I hear about the job market improving?


raindrops says:

The job market’s improving? That would require that there be a job market at all. OK, so there is one.. but it’s not a seller’s market, that’s a certainty.

The only reason I’ve got a paying gig now is because I was already volunteering my services gratis and they decided it was in their best interest to give me some incentive to keep at it.

Glad you drew a long straw once again.

kar3ning says:

Holy poop. Is the whole Pasadena location closing, or just the call center? (It’s got to be getting lonely in there.) Glad you’re still employed for now.

kchrist says:

There’s way too much invested in the Pasadena data center to even consider moving it now. Not to mention we’d lose what redundency we have (currently just RADIUS, but still…)

We’re down to pretty much just operations, MIS, and web and software development in Bradley, and HR and who knows what else down in SMV.

darkviolet9 says:

Wow! Sounds like you just sqeaked by. Glad to here you’re not being downsized.

And thanks for the link! It made my day. =D