Orkut invites

Hey, I thought all the cool people were on Orkut! So why can’t I find anyone I know?

Oh yeah, right.

Anyway, to pass along the favor, anyone who wants an invite can post or e-mail me.


talaitha says:

you know my email…no?

Of course, I’m just someone who saw a comment you posted in jwz’s journal, and friended you.

But my slashdot user id is 925, and I used Xemacs/gnus/nnml/bbdb for email and news for years.


miss_pixie says:

I’m posting. :p

kscaldef says:

can you give me an invite?

kchrist says:

Just did, you should get it in the mail anytime now.

I noticed you use kevin+lj@ here, so I filled in your address as kevin+orkut, but their braindead form accepted it but stripped out everything after the +. Sorry.

kscaldef says:

No prob… it let me change it after I registered.

BTW, do you know anyone looking for work? We’ve got about a dozen open reqs for Perl, Java, and DB (Oracle) developers.