Have eight beers (but not for $11.50 each)

Went to Chris’s event at The Derby last night. I like The Derby a lot, but they really need to work on their drink prices. My first drink was a Belvedere vodka martini and, once the bartender told me how much it cost, I realized that would be my only drink. I don’t mind paying more for premium vodka, but $11.50 is way too much for any drink. It turns out I didn’t want another drink anyway, because an hour or so after we arrived Andrew took over the DJ table and the rap music started. We went outside at that point and eventually decided to just go home.

Because the CCNA class I’m taking is work related, I get to take comp time off for the time I spend in class. Two nights a week, at a couple hours per night, means I only have to work a few hours today. It’s almost as good as having a three day weekend.

Someone on our network at work has a bunch of David Sedaris readings in his shared iTunes library…

I offered Gil one of my beers. He grew quiet for a moment, telling me in fits and starts, “I can’t. I… am… an alcoholic.” “Great!”, I said, “Have eight beers!”
(paraphrased from Barrel Fever)

I love David Sedaris.