Kurt Vonnegut promoting Linux?

Linux steps into the limelight:

Major global computer companies are now embracing Linux. IBM, for one, is currently running a series of television and online ads proclaiming that the future is open, as in open source computing. They have even enlisted author Kurt Vonnegut to help promote the open source ideal of sharing your computer code with others.

I don’t get the Vonnegut-Linux connection. If anything, I’d expect him to be a Mac user for some reason. I’m really interested in seeing this commercial.

The CCNA class is going pretty well. I already knew a lot of the basics that were covered the first week, but we’ve moved past that point now. My only problem is that the class seems to be entirely focused on IOS and how to use it. This is useful, but I’d prefer a little more theory instead of just “This is how you create a static route…”, etc. I guess that’s what I get for taking a CCNA exam prep class instead of a regular class on routing protocols. Oh well, I’m not paying for it, so I can’t complain. Maybe it’ll get better as the class progresses. And I’ve got a book as well, which probably goes into a lot more detail.

The building where the class is held is right across from the Glendale Galleria, which means parking is a nightmare. I’ve figured out that unless I get lucky and find street parking, my best bet is to park at the mall and walk over. The only other option is the $6 parking structure behind our building. Mall parking garages suck, but not as much as paying $12 a week just to park a little closer.

I’m also right across the street from Becci’s work, on the same intersection. I was going to go over there on our break last night for coffee but we didn’t end up taking a break. Maybe next time. (Becci: Do you work Tuesday or Thursday evenings?)


angeldye says:

I’ve been working tues nights.. but off on Thurs.. my days switch like my panties tho… and Im off all next week holiday like!! how long is the class for?

kchrist says:

I’ll be there through the first week of March. The class is 6:00 – 10:00, but we don’t seem to take a break at any set time (if we take it at all). Let me know when you go back to work and I’ll stop by during our next class meeting.