Pepsi/iTunes TV commercials

It looks like The Register is trolling again. This time it’s about Pepsi’s iTunes ad that aired the other day.

Double Jeopardy for kids caught in Pepsi Apple promo

Instead of using actors to dramatize their shame, the RIAA, Apple and Pepsi have forced the children themselves to conform with the copyright regime, and to look suitably browbeaten as a series of captions reads: INCRIMINATEDACCUSEDBUSTEDCHARGED.

It goes on to talk about how Apple is “exploiting abused children”, “corporate child abuse”, and so on.

Forced? Exploited?

Annie Leith’s RIAA lawsuit was settled for $3,000. Not pocket change, but I’m sure that figure pales in comparison to what she collected for this extremely high-profile commercial. Plus she gets her 15 minutes of fame. And of course this was all done voluntarily; this is clearly not the perp walk that the Register makes it out to be.