Congratulations Sarai!

Congratulations again to Sarai for being accepted into the SIMS graduate program at UC Berkeley! Now we can start planning to move for real.

We wanted to go out and celebrate last night, but ended up just going to Mi Piace for dinner, dessert, and drinks. Thanks to my crappy cell phone, we missed an invitation to go out to the Burgundy Room afterward; Diana tried to call me while we were at the restaurant but first my phone didn’t ring, then I didn’t get the voice mail notification until this morning. That makes two calls I’ve missed just in the past couple days, who knows how many more I’ve missed that I haven’t found out about. I don’t know if the problem is the service or the phone itself, but I’m leaning toward thinking it’s the phone. Sarai also has Verizon service and she got two calls while we were at the restaurant, so we obviously had signal there.