Darren’s suspension

I expected Saturday evening to be an uneventful evening at home, probably spent reading or watching a movie or something. But Jojo called around 6:00 and invited us to her roommate Darren G’s birthday party that evening, where he would be doing his first suspension. Suspension, as in hanging from hooks from the ceiling.

He seemed to handle the piercing ok. He used four six gauge hooks, pierced at eight gauge and stretched up to six by the hook insertion. Brian from Puncture did the piercing, and was assisted by Cisco and someone else in the actual suspension. He seemed to have a couple minutes of uncertainty after he was attached to the ceiling and was about to slowly lower himself off the ladder, but then he did it. I don’t know exactly how long he hung, it seemed like forever but it probably wasn’t much longer than five minutes or so before he said he was feeling faint (that was the only thing he said the whole time he was up) and asked to be taken down. Afterward, once the hooks were removed, he seemed fine. From listening to him talk about it, it sounds like he had quite an experience.

I took some pictures, but about half of them didn’t come out very well. I tried to fix them, but I suck at Photoshop so all I could do was let it auto-adjust the color, contrast, etc. It helped some. I guess I suck at the digital camera too because it turns out I had it in close-up mode, which means, as near as I can tell, make the pictures really dark and grainy if I try to zoom in on anything. Please note that they probably aren’t for the faint-hearted.

Suspension The hooks, just after they were put in.

Suspension Darren getting ready to get off the ladder, Brian, other guy I don’t know.

Suspension Brian removing the ladder.

Suspension Hanging, surrounded by Brian, Cisco, and Mandy.

Suspension is considered a spiritual experience for a lot of people. I think I understand it a little more after seeing it in person. Just watching it was extremely intense, and it was all I could think about the rest of the night.

More pictures


miss_pixie says:

I’m sorry I missed that. I didn’t get your message till it was too late, otherwise I would have gone with you.

heather_lbc says:

Is that the Darren I know?

All I can say is ow.
I saw a suspension show at one of the fetish balls I worked and, I agree, it is very intense to watch. I think the guys I saw were from the Puncture circle. I just rememeber that they were attached to each others backs and pulling in opposite directions. Their glazed eyes revealed that they were in a “zone”. Very intense experience. I still haven’t shook all the images from my head…

kchrist says:

Is that the Darren I know?

I’m not sure, but probably. How many Darren Gs do you know? He used to work at Puncture and lives out in our old area.