DSL speed bump

Linkline, my internet service providor, has a DSL promotion running where you can get 6 Mb downstream and 608k upstream for $50/month. They’ve kindly made this offer available to their current customers as well.

I was already paying $50/month for the standard 1.5Mb/128k, so naturally I signed up. The change took effect today and I just downloaded a 644 MB FreeBSD ISO in about 18 minutes, at an average of 595 KB/s. Nice. This makes up for the fact that my DSL modem up and died (kaputt, no power, nothin’) on Sunday and I spent Monday afternoon making the hour long drive out to their office to pick up a new one.

Also, I dyed my hair brown. Weird.


miss_pixie says:

You died your hair brown?! Am I in an episode of the twilight zone?

kchrist says:

Well, I dyed it brown :)

But yeah, and it’s not even dark brown, it’s medium! I wanted to see what it would look like.

miss_pixie says:

Sorry I was at school when I typed that and someone was talking to me. That’s what I get for trying to do two things at once.

Do we get to see pictures?

kchrist says:

I have no pictures, but we’ll be at both Release the Bats on Friday and the picnic on Sunday.