Interweb traffic school

Web traffic school is teh suck, but not as much as regular traffic school. And it does have its amusing moments.

Homicide by drunk driving has become America’s only socially-acceptable crime of violence.

At times I have to wonder who wrote this stuff. I was reading all the funny parts aloud to Sarai until she told me to knock it off. Misery loves company, I told her, but she didn’t buy it.

I’ve been doing this since around 7:00 and I’m about halfway through it. So it’s going to take a lot less time than a regular class. They do their best to make sure you do your time though; there are a bunch of time-consuming flash animations of various traffic situations and even the text pages are timed; if I skim them quickly and try to go on it tells me I didn’t spend enough time reading and makes me go back and re-read it. It’s all done server-side too so I can’t just disable JavaScript or something to get around it. Bah.

Following Becci’s lead when she had to do this a few months back, I’m enjoying a Maker’s Mark on the rocks while I go through it. The last traffic school I went to was located in the same strip mall as the local bar I used to hang out at, but I’ve discovered that the beauty of doing this on the interweb is that I don’t have to drive home afterwards.


angeldye says:

dats right…. a lil’ drink n web skoo’ will do you up just right!