If you call me Kenn, you’re pretty much anybody.
If you call me anything else, chances are I’ll ignore you because I won’t know who you’re talking to.

I think that name thing really only works for people with a lot of nicknames. When I was young I used to wish I had a nickname. I had friends who had them, but I never got one. They only really stick when other people give them to you, you can’t just tell people to call you something else out of the blue.

The closest thing I’ve had to a nickname is “Kenn Christ”, which I’ve used since I don’t know when. The earliest reference to that name it I can recall was in 1990 when I lived for a short time with my sister and her husband at the time, who was also named Ken. My friend David R. called our house and asked for me, my brother-in-law said “Ken who?”, and David, who probably didn’t know my real last name at the time, said Kenn Christ. I remember this because it seemed to confuse Ken (not that this was a difficult thing to accomplish).

Is it just me or does the new Hellboy ad look an awful lot like an X-Men ad? When I first saw one of these billboards the other day I thought there was another X-Men movie already until I read “Hellboy” at the bottom.


miss_pixie says:

I was just telling Chris that the Hell Boy ad looked just like the X-Men ad. Trut me you’re not the only one that thinks so.

Also, if you want a nickname I can give you one. :P