Avoid copyleft.net

If anyone ever feels the need to order something from copyleft.net, DON’T. I ordered something back on March 8, six weeks ago, and I have yet to receive it. My order status on their site still says “credit authorized” which apparently means that the order has been processed but not yet shipped. They claim to have orders delivered within one to two weeks from the time the order is placed, but go on to ask that people wait three weeks before complaining. I guess I should have taken that more seriously than I did.

My three e-mails to their published contact addresses have all gone unanswered, with the exception of the one to questions@copyleft.net, which bounced with ‘user unknown’. I tend to get a bad feeling about a company when their published customer service e-mail address doesn’t actually exist. A phone call to the number on their site, which is the same number in their whois record, was also unanswered, even by an answering machine. Attempting to cancel my order from their web site has no apparent effect. Great customer service guys, way to make the open source community, which you claim to represent, look like a bunch of irresponsible amateurs.

At least my card hasn’t been charged yet. I guarantee they’ll be getting a charge-back if it is.