Berkeley this week

We’re going up to Berkeley for a few days later this week, Thursday through Sunday. There’s an open house at the UC for new students on Saturday, and Friday I’ve got an informal meeting set up with my department’s counterparts at a subsidiary of ours located in San Francisco. I’m going to check out their operations up there and casually mention that I’m going to be needing a job in the area soon. It’s not much of a lead, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment.

We’re staying with Stacy again, and she’ll actually be in town this time. Barely though, she’s out of town right now and is returning on Thursday, around the same time we’re planning to get up there. Other than hanging out with her and doing our school and work related stuff, we don’t have any real plans for the time we’ll be up there.

Other out of town people include Yen, who we’d probably be going to Meat with, or at least out for drinks, if she weren’t in Ottawa at the moment. It’s just as well though, this way we’ll be able to spend more time with Stacy and Gary and see more of Berkeley itself.


talaitha says:

you guys can still go to meat!
you might like it.

do you guyses have a move-up eta yet?

kchrist says:

Our deadline to move is mid-August, but we’re hoping for June or July because the apartment selection will be better. We’re planning to move as soon as I can find a job up there (yeah, I know).