Doctors giving bad piercing advice

I had a doctors appointment on Monday to get a prescription refilled. As the nurse led me into the office she commented on my tragus piercing, told me that she just got one too, and showed it to me, complete with cheapo gold ear piercing stud. She confirmed that it was pierced with an ear piercing gun and told me how much it hurt. I told her it wouldn’t have hurt so much if it had been done properly, not to mention that it would heal faster and she said that the doctor she worked for, who did the piercing for her, wanted to use a needle at first but used the gun when she balked at the needle. “Using the gun was ok because it was under a doctor’s supervision”, she said.

I’d expect this from some kid working at one of those teenybopper earring stores at the mall but a doctor? I can’t believe he even has an ear piercing gun much less that he would pierce cartilage with it.


angeldye says:

un fucking real….. but then again.. all of my ears holes were done with a gun.. but that was because I got them done way before there was a huge piercing craze.

still a DR?! gah… i still don’t think I would trust a DR for something like that.