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My car stereo is finally finished now that I’ve got around to getting an auxiliary jack mounted in my dash for my iPod.

Previously I had a wire coming out of my dash ending in two RCA jacks, which were plugged in to a ground loop isolator to reduce engine noise on the line, then three more feet of line all coiled up and going to a RCA to 3.5mm jack converter before finally reaching the plug that actually goes into the iPod. It actually wasn’t as bad as it sounds because most of that mess was tucked away in the space in my dash below my stereo. Still, having it all hidden inside the dash and just a simple 3.5mm jack showing is much nicer.

iPod auxiliary jack

The only problem with this is that my cup holder, which is the horizontal piece behind the iPod in the picture, hits the top of the plug when I slide it in or out. Even more annoying is that I can’t put anything in the right cup holder when the line is plugged in. This is my own fault though, I told them where to install it without thinking about the cup holder. Good thing I’m not an engineer.