San Francisco wrapup

Weekend in review: We arrived in Berkeley around 6:00 on Thursday. Stacy wasn’t due home for a couple hours so we killed time by driving around and stopping for food and cider at an Irish pub she took us to last year.

Friday we went into the city, mainly so I could look into the work thing. That went pretty well. They didn’t offer me a job or anything, but realistically speaking it went about as well as it could have. I’ve got some new contacts up there now and will be getting in touch about some upcoming IT positions they told me about. Everyone was really friendly, which was a nice change from the bureaucratic nightmare I’m used to. After that we walked up to North Beach for frozen girl drinks at a tiki bar that would have been much cooler if they weren’t playing horrible heavy metal most of the time we were there.

Later, while searching for Italian food, we stumbled across the entire SF police department, the secret service, and the King of Jordan’s entourage outside The Stinking Rose where he was apparently having dinner. With them was a really hilarious hipster looking guy trying to look casual standing around with a really obvious earpiece on. Worst undercover SS agent evar (do the secret service mind being referred to as the SS?).

Saturday was the open house at the school. We didn’t end up staying for most of it, but we did go to a lecture by the professor who runs Garage Cinema Research, which is a project focusing on the imbalance between media producers and media consumers. He points out that this imbalance doesn’t exist for text, as the barrier to entry in producing text is non-existent, and that they want to make media (image, film, etc) as easy to produce, edit, and manipulate as text is. It was really interesting and makes me wish I could enroll in this program too. Oh well, at least I’ll be able to read all Sarai’s books and live vicariously through her.

Saturday night was homemade Indian food, lots of wine, and many hours hanging out and talking with Stacy and Gary at home. They are two of the more interesting people I know and I look forward to seeing them more often. Sunday we all had brunch at the Thai Buddhist temple before driving home.

We had a great time, as usual. I can’t wait to move up there. We looked at some apartment listings and drove around to check out the buildings and neighborhoods they were in, and discovered that Berkeley is not as expensive as we thought. We found a few places that were comparable to our current apartment in both price and size. Some of the areas were a little dodgy but some were really nice. I don’t think we’ll have to spend much more than we are now, which is a relief.

Also, thanks again Diana for cat-sitting.