I would like to say that last night’s Sorrow show was good — I’m sure it was — but I can’t because I didn’t actually see it.

The show was at the Globe Theatre, which is a strange little combination theater and William Shakespeare museum in West Hollywood. Its seating capacity is only 99 people and the seating is on four rows of pew-like benches on the floor, and a single row around the balcony. It’s a neat place, and our seats at the center aisle in the front row would have been great. They weren’t kidding when they said it would be an intimate show.

But then disaster struck. My allergies, which I never had like this until just a few years ago, decided to rear their ugly head around 6:00pm and got progressively worse as the evening went on. Sarai also wasn’t feeling well so around 9:30 we decided to cut our losses and go home. I felt like crap and know I would not have been able to enjoy the show like that. The opening act, Hop-Frog, who was supposed to go on promptly at 8:00, hadn’t even started yet. So we came home and went to sleep. Of course I felt fine this morning.

Oh well, Rose McDowall performs here every… wait, no, she never does, actually. Damn. I take some small consolation from the fact that, while I do like their stuff, I’m not a really huge Sorrow fan. I’m still pretty disappointed.