White ink tattoo

New ink yesterday!

My new tattoo was done entirely in white ink. At one day old, they’re still red and puffy and look a little bit like burns. I’ll have them gone over at least once more, maybe twice, to insure that the white is nice and uniform, so they won’t really be finished for another month or two. I’m really happy with them so far though, I think they’re going to look great once they’re finished.

They’re on my forearms, a couple inches below my elbows. This is my first tattoo that’s visible when I’m just wearing a t-shirt. Technically my back piece is visible because it goes a little higher than a typical t-shirt collar, but something like that is not as noticeable as a forearm piece, even if these, being white, are going to be pretty subtle. I had to consider this one for a while; for years I made sure that all my work could be hidden easily in as little as a t-shirt and pants (my calf piece is visible when I wear shorts, but I don’t normally wear shorts to work so that doesn’t really count). But I think that we — American society as a whole — have finally moved past the point where tattoos are considered a big deal. Visible tattoos are commonplace these days, on all sorts of people in all walks of life, so I don’t expect these to be a problem for me. Especially in the IT industry, appearance is generally not as important as it is in some other areas.

White ink forearm tattoos


I’ve posted a picture of how they look three years later.


talaitha says:

first thing I thought was:
“kenn used to be a frat boi!???”
then realized what it was…hurrrrrr.
Someone donated 56 bucks to my birthday tattoo fund, and I need to figure out something to get inked :>

darkviolet9 says:

WooHoo! Yay for new ink! With all the redness, they almost look like brands….

hexed says:

Very nice! I’ve been considering getting some whitework done for a couple years now, but need to finish my works in progress first.

I definitely want to see pix of them fully healed!

Michelle says:

i like them alot!! the brand look is working for ya..i want some toooo holla.

H says:

Hey there..they look like they’re work perfect in the long run with your skin type! Where did you go/who tattoed you??..i’ve been on the search for awhile now and can’t find anyone skilled who does “only white” tats..help!

Kenn Christ says:

Three years later they still look pretty good. I haven’t had any of the fading that sometimes happens with white ink.

They were done by Levon Leeds, formerly in the Los Angeles area and now just outside of Portland, Oregon, at Five-Star Tattoo Co.

Amy says:

These are awesome. I’m getting some white letters on my wrists this week. I’ve read so many negative things from white ink naysayers, but you’ve inspired me! I’m super pale, too, so I hope that will help. :D

Kat says:

How long did it take for them to heal/look less pink?

Kenn Christ says:

The same as most any tattoo, they were pretty well healed after about six weeks.

Flower says:

I looked at some white people with the white ink. It doesn’t look right on white people, I would think it would look better on tanned people? darker skin, but apparantly it does not hold up too well on darker skin. Which is ashamed becaue white ink looks silly on white people. I can’t even see it on whites?

Bill says:

Where did you get the work done, and what was the artist’s name? I live in SF and want to get a white ink tattoo done but am finding it hard to find an artist willing to do the work

Kenn Christ says:

Bill: Check the e-mail I sent on on the 19th and again today.