Auctions and hardware

Today I had to waste a perfectly good day off sitting around waiting for UPS to deliver my RMA’d motherboard back from MSI. Yes, I had yet another catastrophic hardware failure recently. I refrained from ranting about it here because it would just be redundant at this point. With the number of computer hardware failures I have, I’m seriously beginning to wonder if my body has a stronger electrical charge than normal or something. There’s no other explanation for it that I can think of.

Anyway, I was actually fairly productive while I was sitting around this afternoon. The big thing I did was put up those Ebay auctions I’ve been meaning to do forever. Included in this batch of auctions are my few remaining records, assorted computer/network accessories, and my old painted leather jacket. I still can’t believe I’m selling that, but I haven’t worn it in years so I doubt I’ll miss it.

Once UPS came with the replacement motherboard, I was able to put Tokyo back together, then go out to the post office to ship an unused eight port switch up to Rain per his call for donations for the CoH. That switch was originally in my Ebay box but I figure they probably need it more than I need the $20 or so I could get for it.


raindrops says:

Thanks again. My network diagram looks much happier now with that extra 7 slots of switched, non-colliding goodness. It’s looking like I might actually be able to rewire this place properly now – zero budget and infinite need makes for interesting working conditions.