Keep your drinkers happy

My Ebay auctions ended on Monday at a total of just over $250. Not bad, it’s a reasonable amount for what I was selling. My leather jacket only went for $81, which is disappointing, but my old SCSI CD burner got $50, which was about $30 more than I expected, so it all comes out about even in the end. Providing I don’t get too many deadbeats, that is. I also got $10 for that USB->Serial adapter I mentioned here recently.

I had two non-US bidders despite stating clearly that I accept US bids only. One was a professor at the University of Oslo, someone I would expect would know how to read. He did, actually, and even went so far as to e-mail me to tell me that he sniped my auction despite knowing that I don’t ship overseas. I e-mailed him back to point out my shipping restrictions and to tell him that I’d already offered the item to the next-highest bidder. He left me positive feedback anyway. At least he was reasonable about it.

I had an annoying day at work today. Not a bad day, per se, but enough mildly irritating things happened that it kind of tainted the entire day. So to make up for it we went to Mi Piace for dinner and a drink. Good food and drinks can help make up for just about anything. I ordered their vodka and blue curacao martini and nearly choked on my first sip, as it tasted exactly like sickly-sweet children’s cough syrup. This is not the the drink I’m used to. It turns out they were out of blue curacao and substituted some blue pucker thing instead. Robitussin flavor, apparently. The bartender (not the one who made it) graciously offered to replace it so I ordered a Grey Goose martini instead, which she then didn’t charge me for. Needless to say, she earned herself a big tip for that.

Sarai has gone to bed so I’m listening to music on my iPod with headphones. I’m not used to wearing headphones so I don’t really know if I’m making noise as I go about doing things around the apartment. I can’t hear anything I’m doing, yet I imagine that it’s all making much more noise than it probably is. What’s funny is that my signature white iPod earbuds have never even been opened; I’m using the cheapo pair I bought for a plane trip last year. I didn’t yet have my iPod at the time but wanted to be able to listen to music on my laptop. I didn’t get out the white ones tonight because they’re in a storage box in the closet and digging that out would definitely make too much noise. Besides, these, being black, match my iPod sleeve better than the white ones would.

We’re going to see Sleater-Kinney at the El Rey tomorrow night. It’ll be fun, I bet they do a great live show.


avitania says:

Sleater-Kinney is awesome live (i may be biased; they’re my favorite band). Corin is a really intense singer, and it doesn’t hurt that she’s sexy as all hell. :) i’ve seen them several times before, but i recently saw them a few nights ago here in San Diego. it was a mellower show (probably more because it was a Sunday night all-ages show), but still really really good. have fun!