Sleater-Kinney last night

I enjoyed the Sleater-Kinney show last night despite being extremely tired for some reason. They sounded good, and seeing them live really drove home what a great voice Corin has. She doesn’t look like someone who can belt it out like that. And I agree with pretty much everyone that she’s incredibly cute.

Before the show we met up with one of Sarai’s co-workers and a couple of his friends for a drink at Boardner’s. Our first round was free due to the bartender somehow forgetting to take my money. It’s not like I didn’t try, I sat at the bar with a twenty in front of me for a good five minutes after she brought our drinks. In that time she walked past me at least half a dozen times, looked right at me and the $20, and took the order of the people right next to me, including taking their money and bringing them change. After all this I could only assume she didn’t want my money, so I went back to our table figuring she’d remind me when we ordered our next round. She didn’t. So that’s two nights in a row I’ve gotten free drinks. Too bad I didn’t go out tonight.