Training allowance wasted

Well, I’m pissed. I had enrolled in a ten week CISSP training class that was to begin tomorrow night but just now got an e-mail telling me that the class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. So much for “This class frequently sells out well in advance so enroll early to secure a seat”, as it states on their web site.

The worst part is that we’ve got a company-provided training allowance and I want to be sure to use my share before I leave here this summer. This class would have been perfect – it’s $800, almost the exact amount I have left in my training money, and it starts early enough that I’d get through most, if not all, of it before I move. Now I have to hope I can find something else that both fits into my schedule and interests me enough to actually bother. I’d hate to lose this opportunity to get a free class.

I’ve already brought up the idea of just expensing a stack of books and calling it self-training, but management won’t go for that, which is really too bad. I could probably learn just as much and I’d be able to cover more than one subject, unlike taking a single class.