Exotic World and the Borg

I don’t think I need to mention that we had a great time this weekend. Miss Exotic World on Saturday was hot, windy, and dusty, but fun nonetheless, in part due to all the half naked women walking around. Perfectly understandable; given the 106 degree weather, I wouldn’t be too eager to put more clothes on either. Sarah was great, as was Tonya, who I didn’t expect to see there. I think we’ll be going to go to her thing in Pomona next month to see her again.

The first night we stayed in Barstow, which is the closest place to Helendale where Exotic World is located. May I never set foot in Barstow again. Talk about hicksville; I was half tempted to just head out to Vegas that night. I actually ran into someone I used to know while we were eating dinner at Coco’s (the restaurant selection out there is pretty limited, it was either that or Denny’s). He was just passing through too, thank god. I’d hate to think I know someone who lives there.

Note to self: Remember to pack a belt, especially when bringing BDUs with drawstrings that don’t work as well as they should. A short detour to Buffalo Exchange once we arrived in Las Vegas got me a pyramid-studded belt that fixed the problem nicely.

Drinks were had at Red Square, Double Down, Quark’s bar, some island-themed (but not exactly tiki) place, and various hotel/casino bars. One of the bartenders at Red Square told me that my favorite vodka should start being available in the US again soon. No one could get it for a while due to their changing bottling companies and some import problem.

Quark’s was pretty cool. Not being a Star Trek fan I didn’t get most of it, but Rob, Sarah, and Diana (not Diana A.) were able to explain the things we didn’t get. The characters walking around in costume were pretty good, especially the Borg, a term I that I now know can be used to refer to both one or more “individuals” (you know what I mean) in the collective. I was calling him “a Borg” until this was clarified. I understand people can be assimilated into the collective, but I forgot to ask how someone gets out of it. Wasn’t Seven of Nine part of the Borg? At one point we were accosted by a guy working there who wasn’t in costume, but speaks Klingon (what a chick magnet that must be!). We were disappointed to learn that the Star Trek gift shop didn’t have a single thing with Wil Wheaton on it (wtf?)

It’s always good seeing Rob and Sarah, and their friends from DC seemed nice. I think it’s our turn to go out to NYC to visit. Too bad it’ll be a while before we can take another vacation.