iBook repairs

I am currently sans laptop. My iBook has been having some stability problems for the past couple months so yesterday I finally broke down and let Sarai take it in to be looked at. It turns out my hard drive is about to fail so it’s been shipped up to Cupertino or wherever for repairs. I’ll be tethered to my desktop computer for a week while I wait for it to be returned, which gives me a chance to try out our new LCD Studio Display, which is pretty nice. It’s much nicer than the gigantic 19 inch CRT monitor we had up here previously and I can’t believe how much more surface area on my desk I have now.

I was hoping the problem would be the motherboard. Apple had to recall a bunch of iBooks due to faulty mainboards recently. My serial number falls slightly outside the range of defective ones they shipped, but they’re going to be taking a look at that too just to be on the safe side. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck paying nearly $300 for the hard drive replacement and labor (highway robbery, I say). I nearly died when I heard that number. My first reaction was to do it myself, as I’m used to doing with computers but promptly changed my mind after finding these instructions and photos detailing just how hard it is to replace the internals of these things. I don’t need the headache. I also found a forum post from some computer repair guy who says he refuses to work on iBooks anymore because they’re such a pain to do anything with. Dammit Apple, the inside of our G4 desktop is so clean and organized it brings tears to my eyes, why do the iBooks have to be so difficult? Oh yeah, $100/hour labor, that’s why.

None of this would be an issue if I had remembered to buy Applecare when I had the chance (“Extended warranty? How can I lose!”). Yeah, extended warranties are usually a scam, but for laptops it’s worth it. Applecare for my iBook would have cost me $250, less than pretty much any repair I might conceivably need, and it would have extended coverage from one year to three. I had 12 months from purchase date to buy it, and I remembered to do it somewhere around 14 months (ie, last month).

The silver lining is that I’ll be getting an upgrade or two out of it. There was a problem with the optical drives in some iBooks — not severe enough to do a recall, but they’re replacing them free when/if the machines go in for service. So I’ll be upgraded from a regular DVD-ROM to a combo drive (CD-R/DVD-ROM). Also, I doubt Apple still has any 15 GB hard drives laying around, so hopefully I’ll get something bigger.


eliane says:

I had to call in to get my applecare from Italy last year..they kept trying to put me on hold. I’m like “HELLO it is EXPENSIVE!!”

but I put off getting it to the last posible day. The day i arrived back to the US was the day my warranty expired so i had no choice.

I love my ibook but i hated when it broke.

See you soon!!

Are you guys getting in sat?

kchrist says:

Yep, we’re going to try to get out there by noon on saturday so we have time to check in to our hotel and have lunch and stuff before going out to Exotic World. I guess we won’t see you guys until the show?

eliane says:

Probably not,
I still dont know the details of when i go on etc.

Your names should be on a list for reduced admission ($10 each)
i’ve taken care of it anyway.

I havent packed or anything!! Im grading godawful exams again. Great fucking timing!!