iBook upgrades

I got my iBook back from Apple last week. As I expected, they couldn’t replace my 15 GB hard drive so they gave me a 30 GB drive instead. I also got a “free” optical drive upgrade, so I now have a combo drive instead of a regular DVD drive. These upgrades are nice, except that I didn’t really need them. Our desktop machine already has a DVD burner and plenty of disk space. The only reason I’d need a lot of storage space on my laptop is for music, but my iPod already has that covered. Given a choice, I wouldn’t have paid for these upgrades. But if nothing else, it improves my iBook’s resale value, which will be useful when I sell next year it in favor of a G5 Powerbook (/me crosses fingers).

We’re going to Lucha Va Voom tonight, which is a combination of burlesque and Mexican masked wrestling. This is going to be great.