Weekend review

This weekend was pretty great. My boss gave me Saturday off so I could have a three day weekend like everyone else. I work Tuesday through Saturday, so I’d be screwed every time we have a company holiday on a Monday, except that I can usually take a different day off to make up for it.

Friday was Release the Bats, with Mike and Stef coming down with Jojo and one of her roommates in tow. Dinah Cancer was pretty good and doesn’t seem to have aged a day since the ’80s. Impressive.

Saturday we went for dinner, martinis, and dessert with Sarai’s family at a place in Orange County. The food was really good, but I would have preferred more than one vegetarian entree on the menu. At least our server didn’t make a point of warning me that it was vegetarian when I ordered it the way some place in Atlanta did when I was there last.

Sunday we decoupaged our CD and DVD shelves. The CD shelves are done with illustrations of various musical instruments, old and modern, from around the world, the DVD shelves with pictures of silent movie posters and stills. I think the DVD shelves came out better, Sarai disagrees. She did that one, while I did the CD shelves. I guess we’re both more critical of our own work than each other’s.

After that it was up to Jojo’s for a few drinks. They had a bunch of people over for a night-before-memorial-day party. Or maybe it was a hey-it’s-sunday-have-a-cocktail! party. Either way works for me.

This week has gotten off to a slow start. A co-worker just left on an eight week sabbatical while a different co-worker in Atlanta just came back from his. I’m covering part of the workload of the one who just left, while the other one… well, let’s just say I was hoping he wouldn’t come back. Alas, he did. I’ll be eligible to take a sabbatical myself after my seven year anniversary next February. Too bad I’ll probably be leaving the company within the next couple months, eight weeks off paid sounds like heaven. On the other hand, if I can get in to our subsidiary company in San Francisco I should still get it. I’m not holding my breath, but it’s still a possibility.