Calexico at the Getty

Calexico last night was the best show EVER. Even better than the last time we saw them.

In addition to Calexico, who played on a stage in the central courtyard, another band played on a smaller stage on a lower level, and there were a couple DJs. I didn't know the Getty ever did stuff like this, or if they just started, but it appeared to be well-received. The place was packed. A lot of the people there seemed to just be visitors to the museum who stayed around for the show, but the bands obviously drew a lot of people themselves.

Calexico went on around 7:15, doing their usual stuff. About halfway through the show they were joined onstage by Mariachi Luz de Luna, a seven piece mariachi band from Tucson, AZ (where Calexico is from as well). So this makes a grand total of 13 people on this little temporary stage, half of whom were dressed in traditional mariachi garb. The instrument count was three violins, three trumpets, five guitars (including the vihuela and guitarron), an upright bass, and drums. They went on to do a mixture of Calexico and mariachi material for the rest of the show. Some of the vocals by Mariachi Luz de Luna were incredible, especially 1) their female violinist who was this tiny girl but who had an incredible voice, and 2) the one guy in the ensemble who didn't look at all Mexican but sang entirely in Spanish and could carry a note forever. I had to catch my breath myself just listening to him. We were right in front and I could have gotten some great pictures if the Getty had allowed photography.

The show ended a little after 9:00 and we drove down to Culver City for Sarai's birthday/bon voyage party. Every single person at the party worked for Apple, it seemed. I had met one person before, the guy who threw the party, and seen a couple others around when I've gone down to visit Sarai at work, but other than that I didn't know a single person there. I had a good time despite that; every one I met seemed really nice, including the cats (it's always important to meet the cats).