Going away festivities


Due to our imminent departure from Southern California, Sarai and I would like to invite people over for martinis and bar hopping next Friday night. Naturally, we’ll be serving Youri, now that it’s available in the US again. After that, in the spirit of Darren’s Pre-Load and Heather’s Pre-Pre-Load, we can walk down to either Razberriez, the Blue Room, or both.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Anyone I’ve spoken to about good martinis lately has to come (I’m looking at you Sean, Jenn). Also, we only have four martini glasses so maybe someone could bring a few more?


penance_ says:

I will be there, hopefully Bex doesn’t have to work (gotta love that retail!). I will bring my two Martini Glasses, so then you’ll have a whopping SIX.

darkviolet9 says:

Yup yup yup! My martini cherry needs popping. I should be able to make it there ok… But not too many martinis for me. It’s a loooong drive home! =)

heather_lbc says:

i prefer to drink out of a bucket, i hope no one minds.

actually, I will have to watch you guys drink because of the whole driving thing. no DUI for me!

kchrist says:

At first I thought you meant an actual bucket, which made for an amusing mental image, but then I realized you’re probably talking about a rocks glass.

heather_lbc says:

no, no that’s pretty much what I meant.

hexed says:

In case I forgot to IM you, I’ll definitely be there.