Moving day is getting closer

I unofficially gave my notice at work today. By “unofficially” I mean I warned my boss this morning that July 30 would be my last day here but haven’t yet put in my formal two week notice, which I’ll do next week. And not a moment too soon: we were reorg’d again last week and morale in my department is at an all-time low. We’re beginning to tip over that fine line between demoralized and disgruntled. We were really hoping to be laid off after the reorg because we could all use a nice severance check, but no such luck.

All this is not to say that I’ve found a job in San Francisco yet, but Sarai’s classes are going to start in mid-August and we need to be settled in by then, so we’re looking at moving during the first week of August regardless. We’ll have enough cash on hand to get through a few months without any income at all if we need to, but I think finding work will be much easier once I’m up there. I’ve still got three weeks of job hunting before we move and I currently have a few leads that might bear fruit before then so it might not even be an issue. I hope. Still, it’s quite nervous-making to think about quitting this job without having a new one lined up.

In other news, this weekend is pretty full. We’re meeting up with Sarai’s family for Ethiopian food Friday night for her pre-Birthday celebration. Then on Saturday, her actual birthday, we’re going to the free Summer Sessions at the Getty to see Calexico and Mariachi Luz de Luna, then to a combination birthday and going away party her former co-workers at Apple are throwing for her (yesterday was her last day at work). Sunday we’re meeting up with Jojo, Mike and Stef for Buckingham Burlesque out in Pomona with Kitten DeVille, et al.