New apartment

We found an apartment in Berkeley and it’s probably the best possible place we could have hoped for within our price/location constraints.

The front of the house

It’s in a 100+ year old, three story Victorian house that had been divided into three apartments. Our apartment is the entire 1000+ square foot third floor. We’ve got two bedrooms, one bath, big kitchen, lots of natural light, lots of closets and storage space, and hardwood floors. It’s right at the high end of our price range but it’s well worth it. We’re within walking distance of the UC campus, an Irish pub we sometimes go to, and the Thai Buddhist temple that has that awesome Sunday brunch.

The front door, opening into the living room

It looks like we’ll be moving next week. Tomorrow is my last day at work (more on this later), so after that we just need to make arrangements for a truck rental and some help with the furniture. We originally thought about hiring full-service movers but it would cost something like $1,500 or more, whereas a one-way truck rental can be had for around $250. What I really want to do is find furniture movers. That is, people who can be hired to move furniture from our apartment into the truck, and then someone similar in Berkeley to unload the truck for us. But the only movers I can find in the yellow pages are the full-service type who want to provide the truck, driving, etc. Anyone know where we can find someone like this? We’ve already ruled out migrant workers.

Note: This is a real question, not a thinly-veiled call for help. On the other hand, if the hiring movers thing doesn’t work out we are willing to pay cash and expenses…

More pictures


That is an amazing looking place!