The end of an era

Today is my last day at work. After 6 1/2 years my career at Earthlink is finally ending.

Quitting one job without having another one lined up is a bit stressful, but I don’t think finding one will be too much trouble once we get moved. I’d like to stay with the company but working remotely unfortunately isn’t an option and PeoplePC in San Francisco, a subsidiary of ours, hasn’t posted any useful openings yet. So away I go.

At least I’ve been paid for my six weeks of unused vacation time, and my stock options, which I was lucky enough to get at just $6.63/share are actually worth something now. Not much — our stock is just over $9/share as I write this — but I’ve got almost 1000 shares vested so I can make a little money at least. I’ve got 30 days to exercise them, so hopefully it’ll hit at least $10 again before that time is up.

A co-worker of mine, the one who was out on sabbatical, has given his notice as well. He was due to return to work and the end of next week, but he won’t be coming back. He came in this afternoon to pack up his stuff and we’re all taking off early to have a few drinks at the Colorado as a going away celebration for us.

As soon as I post this I’m going to ‘sudo rm -rf /‘ my workstation. I’ve always wanted to do that and I’m really not getting much work done today anyway.

We’ll see everyone at Bats tonight.