U-Haul sucks

I am never, ever, EVER using U-Haul again. This truck rental has been a nightmare of incompetence from the beginning. How they do business like this is beyond me. Remember how I said I’d reserved the truck for Thursday morning? I called Tuesday afternoon to find out if they had a better idea of what time it would be available and was told that yes they do, I could probably (but not definitely) pick it up by 3:00. Now remember the movers I hired for 2:00.

So I had to reschedule the movers, which luckily was no problem. Not knowing what time I’d actually get the truck, I had to ask them to come the following day instead, Friday, which puts us a full day behind schedule. I bitched to U-Haul until they extended my standard three-day rental to four days for no charge.

Revised moving plan: Now the movers are coming at 7:00am Friday to load the furniture and other heavy stuff, then we can spend the rest of the day loading the rest of the boxes. We’re driving up early Saturday morning and spending the latter half of the day unloading the boxes we loaded ourselves. The movers in Berkeley are coming early Sunday afternoon to unload the big stuff and we’re returning the truck on Monday. At this point we’ll have almost everything moved. We’ll need to take at least one car trip after this for the potted plants, dishes, computers, and other fragile stuff we don’t want to put in the truck, which will probably happen early next week.

I hate moving. Next time I’m going to bite the bullet and hire full-service movers to do everything for me, cost be damned.