Wrapping up the loose ends

I hate moving, especially moving long distances. Between making moving plans, packing, etc, and seeing everyone we need to see before we go, this week is booked solid and our schedule is only getting more full as moving day approaches.

We all left work early Friday and went to the Colorado for a couple hours, where I was disappointed to find that the CD changer no longer contains any Tom Waits or Johnny Cash. I settled for the Pogues. It was nice to hang out with my (now former) co-workers outside of the office for a change.

Friday evening was Release the Bats, or rather, it should have been. After stopping by Darren’s place we finally made it to the club a little after midnight only to find a line halfway to Cherry and the news that the club was at capacity and they were only letting people in as others left. By all reports from people who made it inside, it wasn’t even that crowded, nothing like how it usually is. We immediately realized we’d never get in before last call and turned around and went back to Darren’s.

Saturday night Levon, Steve, and Nathan came out and we walked down to Razberriez for a drink, where we were joined by Diana and co. Sunday we went out to my mom’s for dinner, then over to Jojo’s for a while. Monday was dinner with Sarai’s family, and tonight is dinner with Diana at California Vegan (I think?). Tomorrow we realize that we have to finish packing today and work work work. Actually, today is going to be our big packing day, so hopefully we can avoid that last-minute staying up until 3:00am packing rush tomorrow night.

We rented a 17 foot U-Haul truck and a tow bar for my car. U-Haul, unfortunately, has been extremely unhelpful in that they won’t give me even a rough estimate of what time we’ll be able to pick up the truck Thursday. They say they’ll call and let me know some time Wednesday, which is useless because we’ve hired movers for a couple hours and we really need to know what time to ask them to get here. We scheduled them for 2:00 and I’m prepared to raise holy hell with U-Haul if we don’t have a truck by noon, as I told them on the phone that this was non-negotiable. Also, $40 for 15 boxes? Highway robbery. Thankfully Sarai was able to get plenty of boxes from friends at a couple Apple stores around here.

I’ve found that, aside from packing, I’ve got enough to do this week that I’ll never remember it all on my own, so I’ve been writing to-do lists every day. Mostly to remind myself who I need to call to order/cancel utility services, change addresses, last minute errands to run, and so on. My list today is a little shorter than yesterday’s, which is good because I while I did nearly everything on the list yesterday, I didn’t actually get any packing done.

Anyone need a refrigerator? It works great. $150 or best offer, you pick it up. Anyone need a computer desk? Free to whoever will come get it. These are going on Craigslist today, so speak up now.


miss_pixie says:

What time do you want to meet for dinner tonight? And yes, it is California Vegan.

kchrist says:

I don’t know, maybe 7:00ish? I’ll give you a call in a little bit.

miss_pixie says:

7:00ish sounds good to me. I’m not at home right now, I’m at work. I should be home around 1:30.