Car thieves 1, Me 0

Well yay, my car was stolen.

I don’t know exactly when it happened. I discovered it was missing yesterday (Monday) morning but didn’t go anywhere on Sunday so it could have been as early as Saturday night. I park it on the street and don’t usually get a spot right in front of the house, so at first I just thought I forgot where it was parked. I walked down the street in both directions before I realized it just wasn’t there. I didn’t want to freak out and report it stolen if it hadn’t been, so I first called Berkeley PD to find out if it had been towed for some reason. I couldn’t imagine why it would be, it was parked legally, but you never know. Berkeley PD told me that yes, it had been towed, but by Oakland PD. Being that I last parked it in Berkeley, the only way Oakland PD could tow it is if it was stolen and dumped in Oakland which, as it turns out, is exactly what happened.

So I called Oakland PD and then the impound lot where the car was taken. No one would give me any information over the phone — not the condition of the car, how it was found, or why it was towed — and the police wouldn’t when I went down there to get the vehicle released. Only when I got to the impound lot did I find out the condition the car was in. I had been holding out hope that it someone was just joyriding or something and thinking I might be able pick it up and drive it home. But no, the GTA gods were not smiling on me: The car was totally stripped, and I mean gutted.

Stripped Integra

Stripped Integra

Stripped Integra

So I’m out a car because some low-life piece of shit decided to steal and strip mine. Thanks a lot, scumbag. It turns out my insurance doesn’t cover a rental car, which I was sure it did, but luckily Sarai hasn’t sold her car yet so we’ll be hanging on to that until I get a new one. We were planning on only having one car anyway.

I don’t know how long it will take to get an insurance check for this, but I can’t really justify buying a new car while I’m still unemployed (not to mention I probably wouldn’t be able to finance something with no income) so I figure I’ll pay off this car and just sit on the rest of the money until I find work. Bluebook value for a 2000 Integra GS-R is around $4k over what I still owe on mine, so I’ll have a decent down payment for my next one. When I bought this car it took a while to find the exact model I wanted; hopefully I’ll be able to find another one when it’s time to go shopping again.

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eliane says:

ugh, that sucks kenn! :(

those pictures are unbelievable, i didnt know you could do that to a car.

Hopefully you can get reimbursed and get a new one soon!

Good luck finding one you really like–look for room for 3 in the backseat this time! ;)

goffchick says:

Wow. What a shitty welcome to the neighborhood :/

avitania says:

sweet jesus, that fucking sucks. hopefully you’ll get your insurance check soon!

two weeks after i moved into my new place, some asshole (maybe related to your low-life piece of shit) set my car on fire in front of my house and completely destroyed it – the back plate was stolen, so he probably destroyed the car for the VIN. it took over a month for insurance to be finalized and for me to get my check; and due to something that was absolutely no fault of my own, my insurance rate went up. blah. who, me, bitter?

shadyl says:

Holy shit!!! I can’t get over those pictures! And I remember how happy you were with that car, too. I hope your check comes in soon and you can find something similar, if not better, when you’re ready. Suckity suck suck suck!!! >:(

miss_pixie says:

OMG! That sucks! I hope you are able to get the insurance check soon.

penance_ says:

my sincerest condolences. i almost cried looking at your poor car and what those dirtballs did to it. hats off to you for handling it with more civility than i would have had. good luck on the insurance check action. christ, i can’t say ‘that sucks’ enough times…

shadyl says:

Westcoast Auto Sales way the hell out in Clairmont or Ontario, but… it was snatched up already by one of the employees shortly after we traded it in. We only know this because when Michael had to go in yesterday and get the mirror fixed on the new suburbia mobile, one of the employees said he picked up the Accord the same day we traded it in. He was asking if we had had the timing belt replaced recently or something like that.

Apparently the low ride and dark tint were irresistable. Sorry. :(

hexed says:

Holy crap, man! That really sucks!


Kenn Christ says:

Laura: Speaking of buying another car, what’s the name of the dealer you traded the Accord to? I can’t finance a new car until I have a source of income, but I can afford to buy, say, a 1993 model, especially if I’m familiar with the car’s history…

Kenn Christ says:

Tania: Yeah, I remember when you posted about that. I think yours was worse because it was torched right in front of your house. I can’t imagine waking up to that.

And here I was thinking I had moved to a nice, safe area. I guess I did though, I imagine car thieves find better cars in better neighborhoods.

Sorry Kenn that’s all kinds of sucky.
Hope the insurance people don’t jerk you around.
Good luck!

angeldye says:

SON OF A BITCH! – thats a pretty fucking amazing strip job there.. the assholes. Hope that doesn’t put a big ol damper on yer new place and stuff…

heather_lbc says:

that’s no good. in fact, downright sucks
so how many times does this make you the victim of auto theft? Seriously- the Scoupe was stolen, twice? or was it stolen once and broken into the other time?
Hope you get your check soon. We all know you’re going to buy another Honda/ Acura, so try for a anti-theft shock device or something….

Kenn Christ says:

Heather: That car was carjacked once and broken into once.

I do want another Integra, but fuck the shock device, I want a flame thrower on the next one.

darkviolet9 says:

That sooooo sucks! But don’t get another theftmobile…. Get something no one wants to steal, like an ’86 Oldsmobile with no AC and duct tape holding bits together or something=P

I hope the fuckers that stripped your car all crash…

And I hope your insurance check comes soon. I’m afraid the first is more likely to happen, though.