Debian Sarge coming Real Soon Now

Rumor has it the next Debian version will be released next month. The Synaesthetic Network server, Tokyo, is running the current version which is now over two years old. I’ve used Debian’s dist-upgrade once before, upgrading a different machine from the previous version to the current, and it went flawlessly, but I still hesitate to do it on a production server without testing it first. In preparation for this, I started setting up an identical virtual Debian machine under Virtual PC on my G4. I can then create and test as many copies of that as I need to before I upgrade the real server.

While I had Virtual PC open, I remembered that I haven’t used my virtual Windows 2000 installation in forever, and so haven’t run Windows Update in at least that long. The fact that it’s a virtual machine running on a firewalled host machine means it’s pretty safe from the Windows security vulnerability du jour, but I still like to keep it fairly up to date, even if I rarely have to use it. So I selected and installed the recommended updates, rebooted the virtual machine when asked, and promptly ended up in a blue screen/automatic reboot cycle. Go Microsoft! I had to delete the virtual Win2k installation and will be installing a new one later. Good thing this wasn’t a real machine that I actually use. Someone remind me again why people use this thing?