Life in Berkeley update

Not much to report here. We’re pretty much settled in now. Everything is unpacked, but we still need to do some decorating. Things are coming along. No word from my insurance company about my car yet, and I’m still waiting for Verisign to finish my background check.

I’m spending most of my time doing stuff around the house and re-watching my Neon Genesis Evangelion DVDs. I hate to admit it, but having nothing to do is actually starting to get a little boring. Which is not to say that I want to start working again, but at least it would force me into a regular routine, give my time some structure. We’ve only gone into San Francisco once since we’ve been here, but we’ve been exploring our more immediate area a fair amount, checking out the coffee shops, finding good looking restaurants, and so on. The important stuff.

Today I have to go to the bank and the post office, both of which tend to be extremely crowded and suffer from a severe lack of parking (much like the rest of Berkeley, unfortunately), then to the hardware store to pick up a couple things for our ongoing apartment renovation. Yesterday I installed a new phone jack in the office and today I finish hanging the lights in the living room.

I wish I could go to Bats tonight. That’s one of the few things about LA I’m going to miss.