New job

I accepted a job offer today. Pending the completion of a background check, which I don’t expect any problems with, I now work for Verisign. My phone interview with them yesterday went pretty well and less than an hour later I got another call asking me to come in for an in-person interview today, at the end of which they offered me the position. They’re about 45 minutes away in Mountain View, and as the FNG I’m going to be working some off hours, but I’m getting a 20% pay increase so I can’t complain (much). I probably won’t be starting for another couple weeks, so that time is like a free vacation. Unlike the past couple weeks, I can now enjoy the time off without stressing about finding a job or having to watch where every dollar goes.

As soon as I got this offer I got an e-mail back about another job I applied for, a web design/development job here in Berkeley. It looked like it might be a good jumping-off point into that field, but now I think I’m going to pass on it. I hope I don’t regret this later.


hepkitten says:

does this mean you can get cheap certs? :)

darkviolet9 says:

Yay! Congrats! =)

choralone23 says:

Congrats on the new job!

eliane says:

yay congratulations!

kchrist says:

I know! Cheap certs and domain reg/renewal. But I don’t know, we haven’t really gone over benefits yet.

shadyl says:

Congrats, Kenn! I’m am very relieved to read that you’ve found something so quickly! Yay! Enjoy the freebie time off! Hope the new job goes very well for you and offers many raises! :)