Settling in

So we’re mostly moved in now, but not yet settled in, which is an entirely different thing. We drove the U-Haul (fucking bastards$%$#$&#$%) truck up last Saturday and unloaded it Sunday. Tuesday morning we drove back to LA to pick up Sarai’s car and load up the cars with stuff that didn’t go on the truck, then drove back up Wednesday morning. I am now far too familiar with the 5 freeway through central CA. And we’ve still got one more car trip to make. The refrigerator is still for sale, someone please take it off my hands.

The new place is still kind of a mess, especially the kitchen. We’re mostly unpacked, but we haven’t really found a place for everything yet. The kitchen suffers from a lack of good, usable counter space and the closets could use a little more organization. Aside from that, this apartment is great. We’ve been keeping busy decorating: We finished putting up curtains yesterday and have been looking at rugs for the living room and bedroom. We’ve got the bookcases arranged and organized and the bar set up. Sarai bought a bunch of flowers for the staircase landings. Maybe I’ll hang some pictures today.

Linkline doesn’t offer DSL service in northern California so I’ve had to find a new ISP. I decided to go with Speakeasy’s “Sysadmin” DSL package via their OSDN/OSTG promo (tell them user kchrist sent you so I get a kickback). It should actually be up and running now except that my DSL hardware was shipped without an apartment number so it had to go back to UPS until Monday. Luckily one of our neighbors has an open wireless network. The signal is weak, so we can only use it occasionally, but it’s a lot better than nothing. I’m using it to post this now.

There’s one other hurdle we need to clear before our DSL is usable. I discovered yesterday that the phone jack in the office, which is the only one we need to work, doesn’t. I tried to fix it myself but had no luck. Our choices now are a) run a line from the living room jack into the office, b) ask our landlord to fix it, or c) try to get SBC to fix it. The problem with B is that under CA law, landlords are only required to provide one working phone jack, which means they don’t usually care about the others. SBC offers an inside wire maintenance plan where they’ll fix this stuff for a $1/month fee, but I didn’t order it. I wonder if they’d let me add it to my service and then schedule service at the same time? I’m afraid they’ll go downstairs and take one look at the worst phone box in the world and run away screaming. And I wouldn’t blame them one bit. I’m frankly amazed that the thing works at all. So that leaves running a phone line from the living room, which actually wouldn’t be that bad, as the living room jack isn’t too far from the office, if not for the three doorways in between. Anyone in the area who knows how to fix telecom stuff like this can earn themselves dinner for taking this on.


eliane says:

we only have one jack and its at the opposite end of the apartment from our computer so we have a splitter on it and it runs all the way through the apt. if you tack it to the wall at the base its not that bad.

i’d look into getting an extra countertop for the kitchen, i couldn’t live without one myself. maybe crate and barrel or some such store…

Honestly that was one of the best puchases i ever made.

glad to hear an update!