Stupid security measures

The other day at the bank I was told that, when depositing a check or money order not written out to my full, legal name, I have to sign it with that name.

I was depositing the check from exercising my stock options, and a couple money orders from my Ebay auctions. The money orders had my name as Kenn, and the teller told me I had to sign it Kenneth. I asked if she wanted me to re-sign the check as well and she told me that because it was made out to Kenneth, signing it Kenn is fine. What? Does that make sense?

I asked her since when, and she said this is just the way it is, and the way it’s always been, at any bank. Never mind that I have, of course, used a number of banks over the years and have never heard of this before. She was unable to offer me any actual reason for this, just repeating that it’s the rule.

At the post office today, I was told that just having my return address on my packages isn’t good enough, I need to have my name on them too. The cashier explained that this is necessary because you could write someone else’s address in that return address space. The fact that I could have written someone else’s name apparently escaped her, as the USPS doesn’t require photo ID to send mail (yet!). So I scribbled my name and asked her since when, as I’ve always just used my address and have never had anyone ask my name. Since 9/11, she tells me. We’ve gotta stop those terrorists from using incomplete return addresses, I guess.


kscaldef says:

Hmm… wierd… I would assume that a bank would want you to sign the same as whatever is on the signature card they have on file for you.