Best Livejournal evar

We had dinner last night at a really good Arabic/Mediterranean restaurant in SF. The name of it escapes me at the moment, but it’s on Haight, just near the park. They serve the best falafel I’ve ever had. After dinner we went to a bar on Market called the Orbit Room. We were in the city to meet up with Tamera and Rachel, and ended up meeting a few new people, two of which were kind enough to offer us a ride back to Berkeley at the end of the night so we didn’t have to walk to the BART station.

On the way home, they told us about their cat’s LiveJournal. Best LiveJournal evar. The only Livejournal worth reading.

Today we go to Target to buy household stuff and a black candelabra (thanks Sean!). Buying the candelabra is actually Sarai’s idea, she wants to decorate our bedroom like a Mexican hotel. She’s currently inspired by this book which, admittedly, shows some really great decorating. While we’re out I’m going to pick up an Auto Trader so I can look for, and hopefully buy, a car this weekend. I looked for a couple last weekend, but everything I went to see had already been sold by the time I got there. I hate buying cars. Even more, I hate car salesmen.

I’m off today and mentally preparing myself for another weekend of graveyard shifts. I’m thinking about going back on the job market. My commute is about 45 minutes on weekends, but can take as long as an hour and a half on weekdays. This, combined with the weekend schedule, is already taking its toll on me. The pay is pretty good, but my time is worth more to me. I don’t like coming home from a 12 hour day (including commute time) in a foul mood during the week because of the traffic and going without decent sleep on the weekends. Not to mention that the job really isn’t all that interesting to me. So I’m thinking of resuming a casual job hunt, just to see what happens. I can stick it out here for a while if I have to, but maybe something interesting will come up.


ohmeohmy says:

mexicon hotel == love. if i manage to get the cafe going, that’s a huge inspiration. since i now can’t afford to go there.

the restaurant is called kan zaman. it is tasty. i will show you all the tasty SF things, but you’re on your own for berkeley. ;>

saraicat says:

so pretty!

if you decide to do the cafe in that style, you’ll have to borrow this book for some ideas. so many pretty pictures! it really made me want to go to mexico again, but I probably couldn’t afford these hotels.

I know everyone else is going to canada if bush is elected, but I’m thinking it might be better to drop out of society and live cheaply in mexico.

ohmeohmy says:

i like how i spelled mexican with an o. what? good morning!

i agree, and mexico is prettier. the govt sucks just as badly, though.

i want to see the book anyway!

saraicat says:

totally, you can look at it if you’re around tomorrow, or you can borrow it anytime!