Frozen drink weather

It was like 90 degrees here yesterday. I thought this area was supposed to be cool? It felt like we were back in LA. By late afternoon we gave up on trying to stay cool at home and went out in search of frozen drinks.

There’s a tiki bar near here called The Temple Bar (no relation to the bars of the same name in SF or Santa Monica), but it turns out they don’t open until 5:00. What good is a tiki bar that isn’t open for mid-afternoon cocktails? It was already 4:30 so we checked out a couple of Indian markets in the neighborhood while waiting for them to open. At 5:00 it was still locked up, lights off, with no sign of life, so we gave up. As luck would have it, we were near a BevMo, so we went there to buy booze instead. If the bar won’t open for us, we’ll go home and make our own drinks. We made blue hawaiians, and planned to make rum/kahlua/creme de cacao/pineapple/coconut things, but we didn’t get to those after the first two rounds of drinks plus wine with dinner.

I got an offer from my insurance company for my car. Surprisingly, they aren’t trying to screw me, but are actually giving me blue book value, minus my $500 deductible, which will easily cover the amount I still owe on it and leave me with a few grand extra for a down payment on a new car.


penance_ says:

i saw the advice you left erik stone for job security and for shits and giggles i named on of the new pc’s on the LAN I take care of: MWMMWMWM1l1. This did not sit well with them. Not that they could do shit because they are too lazy to make a protocol of what you’re SUPPOSED to call them. but damn it was good for maximum laughs. i’m probably on a special list now. luckily the sales division decides my annual bonus and not IT.

ohmeohmy says:

it’s summer now here. sept-oct. it’ll cool down again around halloween, annoyingly enough, because it would be nice to have a warm halloween night.

monsoon season is in the spring. you’ve been warned.

(see my flood picture from the other day)