Graveyard shift

So here I am working graveyard. The shift is from 10:00pm to 7:00am, and I’m doing this twice a week, on Saturday and Sunday nights. Last night was hard, I was beginning to feel pretty tired a little around 1:00 – 2:00 and really hit the wall around 4:00. What little work I had to do was done by 1:00 and the rest of the night was spent reading Slashdot, reloading my Livejournal friends page, reading the book I brought in, and fending off sleep by drinking lots of coffee.

I’ve got to work out a better caffeine consumption method while I’m working these. I don’t really need the coffee until later in the night, but if I drink too much too late it affects my sleep once I get home. This morning I was only able to sleep a couple hours in spite of having been up all night. What happened to me? I used to be able to drink coffee all night and sleep just fine afterward. I was able to get a couple more hours this afternoon, so I’m feeling pretty much ok now, but polyphasic sleep doesn’t really work with my schedule during the week. I had the option of working all graveyard shifts instead of just two, but that would be even worse. I’ll gladly deal with this kind of split schedule if the only alternative is working grave all week.

I came to work well-prepared. I brought in a pair of desktop speakers for my iPod, a book, my laptop, and a DVD. I don’t know if I’ll actually watch the movie tonight or not, but it’s good to have just in case. There’s one other guy working graveyard, over in customer service, and he told me he brought movies tonight too. His choices? Reign of Fire and The Scorpion King. Great taste, guy. He generously offered to let me watch one but, needless to say, I politely declined. I don’t know if Veronica Guerin is any good or not but I’ve heard it’s ok and anyway, it can’t possibly be any worse than my other choices.

The network connection situation here is a little annoying. I brought my laptop last night too but discovered that the three unused ports at my desk aren’t live and the cable I brought wasn’t long enough to reach into another cube. So tonight I brought a longer cable only to discover that none of the unused ports in the cubes around me are on either. A co-worker of mine who got off work at 11:00 told me I was welcome to unplug his workstation after he leaves, which is how I’m connected right now. It doesn’t really do me much good though, as outbound traffic on this network is heavily filtered. I’m on AIM only after telling iChat to connect over port 80 instead of whatever port AIM usually runs on, but both POP3 and SMTP are blocked so we can’t check outside mail from here either. At least they didn’t block SSH so I can check mail via SSH and Mutt and, if need be, I can tunnel anything else over it. From a network administration standpoint I totally understand the need for security on a corporate network, but as a user of said network, it sure does suck.

We are a security company and all, I guess, so it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is that a security company would rely so much on on Microsoft software. We’re all running Windows XP desktops and use an Exchange server, so Outlook is pretty much required. We’ve got people mailing single page Word documents around instead of writing normal e-mail (and the normal e-mail that’s sent is choked with HTML and images). Our internal instant messaging server is even running some corporate edition of MSN Messenger instead of Jabber or IRC or something reasonable like that. We use a lot of web-based tools and resources, both internal and external, but the only browser most people have installed is IE, and I understand that getting the LAN guys out to install other software is like pulling teeth. The atmosphere here is extremely corporate, so I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this, but even Earthlink was able to do without any MS stuff aside from desktops and if that place can do without it, anyone can.

At least I was able to install Firefox myself. We don’t get administrator privileges on our workstations, but the Portable Firefox package doesn’t need to be installed, just unzipped into any directory and run from there. It’s meant to be run from USB drives for those times when you’re stuck using a Windows machine without a decent browser, but works equally well in my situation at work.

Also, it is freezing in here.


eliane says:

” I was beginning to feel pretty a little around 1:00 – 2:00 “

Well at least you were feeling pretty!



kchrist says:

♪ I’m feel pretty, oh so pretty… ♬

Fixed :P

talaitha says:

AND GEIGH. ehehehe. what are you guys doing for halloween btw? come to dna!

shadyl says:

You could be in the middle of the freaking desert and I swear you’d say “it’s freezing in here.” ;) And if I were forced to use Outlook, I’d have to hang myself. Well, I’d want to anyway.

eliane says:

I dunno, I was in the middle of the desert with Kenn last summer and I don’t think he ever once complained about being cold.

I on the other hand whined like a baby because i forgot my sunblock!

kchrist says:

Oh, come on, you’re saying it wasn’t always cold in our old office? Remember when the thermostat broke and was stuck at like 55°?

This place is seriously cold though. I don’t know why they feel the need to keep the AC on all night.