2000 Honda Civic Si

I bought a car today. This time I went with a 2000 Honda Civic Si, black. I wanted another Integra; I had my eye on that car for a long time before I bought it, and after driving it for only eleven months I don’t feel like I had it long enough. But I decided that, since we only have one income now, it might be prudent to get something a little cheaper. Even with our current finances I could afford another Acura, but I’m trying to save money wherever possible. Granted, the Si is not the most inexpensive Civic, so I could have saved more by buying a lower model, but I looked for an EX and couldn’t find any I liked around here.

2000 Honda Civic Si

Now that I’m totally paranoid about auto theft, I’m going with a slightly lower profile with this car. Not physically lower — in fact I’m considering not lowering this car at all — but I want to avoid drawing attention to it where I can. Toward that end I’ve already taken the SI badge off the back and will be removing the (factory applied) VTEC decals off the sides as soon as I can figure out a good way to get them off. I may end up taking it somewhere and having it done. I figure if it looks like a lower-end model, it probably won’t be as much of a theft target, right? I’m also getting a club and an alarm, both of which are trivial for a professional car thief to get around, but every deterrent helps.

Annoyingly, the front driver’s side speaker doesn’t work. I noticed it on my way home from the dealer, but there was all this traffic and I didn’t want to turn around and go back, so I just called them when I got home. I’ll be going back up there this weekend or early next week to have that taken care of. Then I get to go shopping for a stereo. I’ve had to dig out a bunch of CDs now that I can’t use my iPod in the car until I get a new one installed. Alpine’s iPod-to-headunit converter thing is finally available and very tempting, as the one thing missing from my previous setup is that I still had to use the iPod itself to select tracks. I’m thinking I may have to go looking for one of these soon.


raindrops says:

I used to have a 1988 Prelude 2.0Si… I loved that car.

We may be moving to North Beach soon.. so you can work out that clutch a bit if you come to visit (it is a 5-speed, I hope?).

penance_ says:

Oh, you’re that Kenn guy that used to post in LJ once in awhile…. heh.
That last pre-load was fun… I bought the MEGA HUGE bottle of Ciroc from Costco for $ 48 and I thought of you because you too share the love of snap-frost grape vodka. Suh-WEEEET stuff. And the mega jumbolicious size bottle means I can inhale as much as my liver can handle and not run out.

kchrist says:

I remember you telling me about that car back when I was driving my old ’90 Prelude SI.

And of course it’s a 5 speed, like all real cars. I don’t relish the thought of driving around SF in it though, I’d like the clutch to last more than six months. I think I’ll stick to the train when I can.

miss_pixie says:

Congrats on finding a car finally. :)