New job disappointments

Well, the honeymoon is over at the new job.

I expected it would be pretty similar to the abuse work I did at Earthlink, but that turns out not to be the case. The work I’m doing here is far less technical than I expected; it’s basically glorified customer service. Where technical skills are concerned, I am completely overqualified for it. I’m far more technical than not only the other three new people they brought in at the same time as me, but the rest of the people already working in this group as well.

But the pay is good and at the very least I may have the opportunity to move elsewhere in the company in the near future. Foot in the door, and all that, I guess. My boss seems ok, despite being a giant Star Wars/anime/RPG/video game nerd (come to think of it, that sounds a lot like my last boss as well).

As the new guy, I’ve got a pretty fucked up schedule. Just my luck, one of the reasons they hired four people is so they can move our group to 24/7. I accepted a graveyard shift Saturday and Sunday nights in exchange for being able to pick what other days I work, and what hours. That’s pretty fair, I guess. My other three days are going to be day shifts, starting around 10:00am. I’m just happy I didn’t get the Mon-Fri graveyard shift one of the other new-hires got. While it’s definitely not ideal, two graveyard shifts a week for a little while won’t kill me (I hope). At least there won’t be any traffic. It’s almost unbearable with the 8-5 shift I’m working now during training.


ohmeohmy says:

i just called sarai and told her about this club tonight:

i’ll be there with a big group of nice kids, if you 2 want to come out. it’s right off the bridge. 5th and folsom. i think.

shadyl says:

I beg to differ. I am not and never have been an anime geek. So there… :)

Glad that you had a little say for at least part of your weekly shifts. I don’t know if I could go back on a grave shift again. Blah. But I am certain that you’ll move up pretty quickly to better things.